Power of Attorney Documents (POAs) – Just How Important Are They?

Powers of Attorney documents (POAs) individuals execute at the same time as their wills thinking it is a package deal but just how important are they? POAs are very powerful because the person designated in the POAs is able to make very important decisions on your behalf. There are two types of POAs, power of […]

Federal Beneficial Ownership Requirement: What you should know

As of January 22, 2024, the Canadian government requires every federally registered privately held corporation registered under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA), must prepare and maintain a register of individuals with significant control over the corporation (“ISC Register”) and file that information with Corporations Canada. Who are individuals with significant control over the corporation?  […]

Notice of Default in Commercial Leases: Court Confirms the Legal Requirements

In commercial leases usually, there are provisions which allow for the landlord to use their right of termination, to end the lease if there is a default on the part of the tenant, only when there notice of default provided to the tenant in the timeframe set out in the agreement. However, the Court has […]

Vacant Property – What Taxes You Need To Be Concerned About?

Canada and various municipalities have implemented tax on properties which are kept vacant for a specific period of time. Here is a highlight of the main taxes in Canada and municipalities. Underused Housing Tax Canada [1] What it is? The Underused Housing Tax is an annual federal 1% tax on the ownership of vacant or […]

The Executor’s Role in Estate Administration

The Executor’s Role in Estate Administration Read on to ensure you’re checking off the necessary boxes In the province of Ontario, the process of estate administration involves the appointment of executors and administrators who are responsible for managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets. Understanding the specific role and responsibilities of executors and administrators in […]

Legal Bites – Cottage Country Due Diligence

Legal Bites – Cottage Country Due Diligence Lawyer Beware! Be sure to keep track of the many unique areas of due diligence for clients buying cottage property in Ontario   When a client is purchasing a cottage property in Ontario, a lawyer should conduct a comprehensive review of a variety of due diligence areas to […]

Legal Bites – Estates Taxes

Legal Bites – Estates Taxes If you’re planning on settling an estate, what taxes should you expect to pay? When planning your estate, it is imperative to make sure that your affairs are handled in the most efficient way possible. A question we get asked frequently at Northview Law when helping clients with their wills […]

Non-Resident of Canada? What to Know Before Selling Your Home

Non-Resident of Canada? What to Know Before Selling Your Home Without the necessary preparation, you could be hit with some serious fees If you are a non-resident of Canada and are looking to sell a property, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before the sale can […]