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Located at 16 Industrial Parkway South, our Aurora office is our latest to open.  The city’s affordability, higher wages, beauty, and quirkiness have made it one of the most sought-after locations in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

In order to ensure the smooth running of a business, every aspect of the business has to be in optimal shape. Running businesses or companies can be very demanding. Business owners or entrepreneurs usually have a lot of things to monitor and keep track of from manufacturing processes to financial auditing and let’s not forget the legal aspect.

The legal aspect of every company plays a huge part in the overall success or failure of that business. This is why every business needs specialists in sorting out legal matters. These specialists are known as business lawyers.

Business lawyers, also known as corporate lawyers or corporate attorneys are lawyers who specialize in giving legal advice to business owners on matters involving tax law, commercial transactions, and intellectual property rights. A corporate lawyer’s job is to guarantee that commercial transactions are legitimate, as well as to provide corporations with legal advice on commercial law and corporate law. A business lawyer is also responsible for offering legal advice and providing legal services such as management of business contracts, shareholder agreements, employment agreements as well as managing shareholder disputes.

From taking a look at the responsibilities entrusted to a corporate lawyer, it is quite clear that whether you are a new business, small business or an established company, you definitely need a law firm with extensive experience, knowledge and competence in resolving corporate issues. Northview Law is the law firm you want to reach out to for strategic advice that delivers exceptional results.

Why Northview

Northview Law provides clients with premium advice on a wide range of business law matters. Our unique practice model and cost-effective structure make us a perfect law firm for businesses of all kinds, from visionary start-ups to large corporate public organizations.

Services Offered

Northview ensures clients are securely covered in all matters of business law and operations. Legal services offered by Northview include:

Formation and establishment of businesses such as corporations, partnerships and joint ventures.

Drafting and negotiation of shareholder and partnership agreements.

Provision of guidance on the acquisition and sale of active enterprises.

Restructuring and reformation of businesses.

Keeping track of corporate records.

Who needs a Corporate Lawyer?

Every business needs a corporate lawyer! Start ups and small businesses will need lawyers to provide corporate counsel on legal issues like employment law, business formation, commercial law and business law. A company or corporation will need corporate counsel to meet legal needs relating to corporate law, management buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, securing of contracts and settling of disputes. If you are an investor, you will want to make sure your investment in a business is secure. You will also want to make sure the terms, agreements and contracts are appropriately spelt out and that they are legally binding in order to protect yourself and your investment.

The Hiring Process

In the process of searching for and hiring the best corporate law firm or lawyer for your business, there are certain things you might want to consider.


Ideally, you’ll be after a cost-effective choice that allows you to run your business or corporation profitably while simultaneously granting you legal protection. Most law firms make use of an hourly rate for providing legal services. However, some law firms also operate with flat fees or contingency fees. You will want to confirm which one your desired law firm prefers to work with and then make financial projections based on that.

Business Law Qualifications And Experience

Another thing you will want to do when making a choice of which firm or lawyer to hire for your business is to ensure that the lawyer or firm possesses the necessary qualifications to practice law in your location and that they have experience servicing the legal needs of the current circumstances your business requires.


Finally, before making the choice of a corporate lawyer or firm, you will want to try getting reviews from both current and previous clients. If there’s a client that previously engaged their services but dropped them, you will want to know why to ascertain that you will not be plagued by the same problems as well.

Once all these have been considered, you can then contact the shortlisted lawyers or firms to commence recruitment.

Benefits of Using a Business Lawyer


Hiring a business lawyer helps ensure that your business stays compliant with all federal and state laws.


Having a business lawyer allows you to leave the demanding task of wading legal channels to the lawyers thereby allowing you to focus on more important things that need your attention.


Business lawyers help you ensure that agreements and contracts are favourably negotiated for your corporation.


As a start up, a business lawyer helps you achieve maximum productivity by providing you with corporate counsel on the best organizational form for your business.


A business lawyer also assists the management team in ensuring favourable results from contract negotiations, dispute resolutions and employment agreements.

Hiring a business lawyer for your company provides security and is an investment into your company, both for the short term and the long term.

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