Your property is closing!

Congratulations! It looks like you’re on the verge of completing your purchase or sale of a residential property. You’ve painstakingly negotiated over the price and finally found a happy medium. All that’s left is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. This is an exciting time but can undoubtedly come with its fair share of stresses and uncertainties. At Northview, we’ll help you finalize the transaction in a smooth and efficient way to ensure that you can spend the days with smiles as your purchase or sale is completed with ease!

The Northview Team Will Work For You!

Our team will handle everything related to your closing, including:

  • Providing an updated and clear list of next steps as the deal progresses to ensure we can work towards a successful closing.
  • Review of agreement of purchase and property’s title to ensure there are no nasty surprises awaiting you after everything is finalized.
  • Creating all necessary closing documents to transfer good and legal title in your purchase or sale.


Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will be with you every step of the way. We mean it when we say we’ve seen every type of issue that can arise and are ready to deal with it as quickly as possible. Whether it’s unusual title issues with the property or specific zoning issues that can delay the sale, we will make sure everything is as efficient as possible. Most importantly, we are always a simple phone call away to address any concerns you might have!



At Northview, we strive to strike the right balance between the price of our services in considering the quality of work we will provide to you. With each transaction, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our work. We will walk you through the process in easy to understand language!

Cost List

Purchase of a Residential Property (no mortgage) – $1,500.00 (plus HST)

Purchase of a Residential Property (with mortgage) – $2,100.00 (plus HST)

Sale of a Residential Property in a Subdivision/Condo – $1,250.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Sale of a Rural Residential Property – $999.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

-On purchases and sales with payouts, one mortgage payout is included in our standard fee. If there is more than one payout, there will be an additional $45.00 fee for each additional payout.

Mortgage/Refinancing – $1,000.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Reverse Mortgage – $1000.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Bridge Loan – $500.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Survivorship Application – $499.00 (plus HST  and any disbursements)

Transfer to or from a Joint Tenancy – $499.00 (plus HST and any disbursements

Review of a Builder’s Agreement of Purchase & Sale – $499.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Review of a Condominium Agreement of Purchase & Sale and Status Certificate – $599.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Drafting of Residential Lease – $399.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

Drafting of Commercial Lease – $999.00 (plus HST and any disbursements)

If you don’t see the service you need listed, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation!

"Very attentive, kind, and caring. Went well beyond our expectation. We never expected to have gotten such excellent service. Danny and his team are amazing and we would give them 10 stars if we could. Some say lawyers are all about money but these folks are about people and getting the help you need."

-Ron, a client in January 2023