Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Bolton

Our main office is located in Bolton, Ontario. Opened in 2020, we have gotten to know the local businesses, business owners and professionals that make Bolton an exciting and growing community, while maintaining the charm and history that make it so great.

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After a long courting process with the retiring owner of a printing company, you have shook hands on the sale and leaseback of his prime industrial land with redevelopment rights. There are fast approaching meetings with Amazon who is very keen to add a fulfillment centre in that location. You have struck gold and just need to iron out the details with the owner, your investors, the lenders and Amazon.

In today’s uber competitive market for commercial real estate in Toronto and Ontario, finding a deal is half of the battle. Getting the right legal advice to manage your risk and the right commercial real estate lawyer to close the deal smoothly is the other half.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

We are the right lawyer to help you close your deal. At Northview, our team delivers cost-effective strategic advice with individual attention.

When it comes to what is important to your business and what may expose you to unreasonable risk, we’re skilled, tenacious negotiators who advocate your best interest. But, we won’t “over-lawyer” your deal and potentially jeopardize the space.

With over fifteen years of commercial real estate experience in Toronto, Bolton, Vaughan and the rest of Ontario, our team knows what’s reasonable to ask for, what’s reasonable to insist upon and what’s not open for negotiation and know how to find the right balance between the three to get the deal closed.

We are committed to ensuring that you understand what it is you’re getting into, because you can’t make an informed business decision without sound legal advice regarding your core business or one of the largest expenses or assets to any operating operating business.

we understand what your needs and wants are and take a practical approach to structuring the agreement to provide you, your investors and lenders the security require while facilitating the transaction.

Who We Are and What We Do

Northview’s lawyer and founder, Danny J. McMullen, received his legal training at McCarthy Tétrault LLP where he summered, articled and practiced in the Real Property and Planning Group. He then transitioned into an in-house legal counsel role at one of the GTA’s largest industrial and commercial developers and property managers. Having been trained by some of the most experienced practitioners of commercial real estate law in the country, he brings a great deal of experience and passion to Northview Law and is motivated to help businesses grow and prosper. Check out the rest of the team here.

We are a boutique corporate law firm specializing in commercial real estate. Our goal is to provide cost-effective strategic advice that addresses what the client really needs, which is legal advice that is practical, actionable and centered on commercial reality.

We are boutique
to better suited to your business needs.